Sunday, 24 June 2007

Science helped me to find God

It just happened in the last few days that twice I was talking with somebody who was amazed to hear me say that for me science does not contradicting religion, but helped me to find God!

This statement of course is not agreed with by a lot of people, but even the fact that most people are surprised science is discussed as an initial start of ones faith (like with me) shows that not a lot of people know about the current status of science in relation to religion.

In my opinion this is a topic that should be brought forward and discussed more, especially in modern times. Science might not be able to 'prove' that God exists, it can most definitely help us and point towards an intelligent designer.

With the 'origin of life' debate, the historical facts and the conclusions one can draw from looking to the problems in society, I think that that more effort should be spend on making this amazing welt of information available to more people who are interested in these topics.

I think a lot of people who are involved in religion are afraid of these topics, but my question is why? In the past scientists might have thought being able to explain everything without the necessity of God, but one, that doesn't mean there is no God, and two, those thoughts are outdated with modern methods of analysis available. In my eyes modern science definitely point more towards an intelligent design than anything else! A bitter reality is however, that there is not a lot of (financial) support in making known results and conclusions pointing towards creationism...

Moreover, being a Christian, I believe that the full Truth is found in God, so being afraid in debating those issues is basically proclaiming a lack of faith in my eyes. The truth is the truth, so why are we afraid in discovering it more deeply and help other people to see it as well!

Sometimes original discoveries and conclusions might not directly point to the truth, but when one delves deeper and has patience the real truth will come out, and with God being the Truth, will point to God.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

What more do we need than to love God as he loves us?

I don't particularly feel inspired today to write anything, but just want to put another line up on how great the gift of God's Love in our lives is! At Mass today it hit me once more how loving God is, and that he really loves each one of us! I really felt a great joy and want to give my whole life to Jesus!

Again I say that it is a real pity that a lot of people do not understand the message of love. The gospel today described the occasion where the sinful woman wiped the feet of Jesus with her hear after wetting them with her tears. Jesus said that her many sins must have been forgiven her because of the love she showed. He clearly makes the link between love and the forgiveness of her sins. I my eyes it is the love that comes forth from the reconciliation with God, and the joy and love if we can accept it!

I often wish that there was an easy way to help some people who might not delve in the deep mystery of Gods love to understand and encounter the living God!

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Theology of the Body

Being up and down from Galway to Dublin for the youth conference the
is weekend, yesterday I had to go up to Dublin again, and just returned home in Galway.

Since it meant that I spent roughly 6 hour in the car I decided to continue to listen to the set of 10 cd's I have on the Theology of the Body. The cd's contain a lecture by Christopher West, and I already listened to the first 6 a few weeks ago going up and down to Cork, so it was nice to have a journey to continue it!

The Theology of the Body is definitely a topic I am really interested in studying in the future. I just ordered the book and some background information (as well a 4 more sets of the cd's if somebody is interested) to start and unravel the mysteries.

I think a proper understanding of the explanations as offered by John Paul II can potentially bring a lot of people back to the Catholic Church, in this era where moral values seem to be lost. Like a lot of the valuable teachings of the Church I think that it will bring much freedom to people if they would understand the depth of our being. The problem is however that only even a fraction of the Catholics know much about the fast treasure they miss out on.

The topic of the conference this weekend was love, and the theology of the body is a perfect extension of all the talks given. "We cannot keep a great joy to ourselves", and I get more and more in awe with the amount of people that do miss out on the incomprehensible deepness of Truth that is available to us! As a non believer 5 years ago I thought Christianity was all a fairy tale, but now I am amazed about the ignorance the world lives, unable to understand why the Truth is not known by much more people.

I will surely comment on the this topic more in the future!

Monday, 11 June 2007

Catholic Youth Conference Ireland 2007

Well, I am already slagging in my posts after the first week!
This weekend I was at the Catholic Youth Conference organised by the Legion of Mary. The Youth Conference is now organised for 5 years I think and it is becoming more and more a success. Last year there were about 220 (registered) people at the conference, and that was well exceeded this year judging the lack of free seats! I think All Hollows College might be getting too small for this event!

Anyway, I would definitely encourage anybody to go next year. There were great speakers this year. One of them was Dawn Eden, who wrote the book 'The thrill of the chaste', who gave her life story and shared some of her understandings with us over a view sessions. It is always amazing to her stories of recent converts (see is a Catholic just over a year). She lived a 'sex and the city' lifestyle (as is said, as I don't particularly enjoy watching soaps), but only found pleasure and no joy.... this left her with an empty feeling, and this empty feeling was filled up with the Love of God!!

Another great speaker was Br. Martin of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal. He gave an very good account of his live. Having been in all sorts of trouble during his younger years he explained how he came to become a brother, and how much he enjoyed it. The friars are coming to Newross (Limerick) in a few months, and I think they will be a great example. They live the vow of poverty to the full, for which I have tremendous respect!

Most talks were focused about 'God is love' and 'We cannot keep a great joy to ourselves' (cf. pope Benedict XVI). This was about living out God's love, and also reflections on God's love in relations of people. Dr. Phil Boyle gave a presentation on NaPro. Napro is a method to help couples to understand their fertility, which can be used for natural family planning. The main focus of Dr. Boyle and his colleagues is however to help couples to become pregnant as an alternative to IVF or if IVF fails. The statistics are overwhelming, so I encourage anybody to have a look at the website

We off course had Holy Mass every day, a very nice guided Holy Hour on Saturday evening and loads of opportunities for confession!

I could go on-and-on because it was a truly great weekend! It is great to get a large group of young people together to share their faith to educate themselves on modern issues!!!

Saturday, 2 June 2007

What do people do?

Just a thought that comes to me often on Saturday or Sunday... I usually go to town for mass and will be stuck in traffic with all the people in the queue for a parking space at the shipping centres... (especially on Sunday, I think that it is the busiest day in Galway city centre!)

Sometimes I walk into the city center after mass and a bit of adoration. There seem to be so many people running around shop street here in Galway, often on the phone and carrying loads and loads of bags... sometimes I just wonder if that is the highlight of the weekend.

I suppose I am not much of a shopper, but it seems a bit empty to me!
I reminds me a bit if the time I lived in the USA and you will see families going out together to McDonald's... people must really be brainwashed about certain things....

No, I think I am glad I found the meaning of life in the gospel!

Friday, 1 June 2007

Pray for my country

I just felt I have to write a view lines on the terrible news that I heard from my home city in the Netherlands when I happened to listen to the Dutch radio yesterday. (don't read on if you don't like bad news)

There was some gay party being organised, I think last weekend. It being the Netherlands and all this wouldn't be that strange I suppose, BUT one of the organisers which is HIV positive started injecting intoxicated party goers with his own HIV infected blood!

I cannot think of anything but satanic which would make a person do something like that. I don't want to shock anybody or so, but these are things that happen in a broken world...

It is leaving me quite disturbed and very very concerned about what is next!


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