Monday, 11 June 2007

Catholic Youth Conference Ireland 2007

Well, I am already slagging in my posts after the first week!
This weekend I was at the Catholic Youth Conference organised by the Legion of Mary. The Youth Conference is now organised for 5 years I think and it is becoming more and more a success. Last year there were about 220 (registered) people at the conference, and that was well exceeded this year judging the lack of free seats! I think All Hollows College might be getting too small for this event!

Anyway, I would definitely encourage anybody to go next year. There were great speakers this year. One of them was Dawn Eden, who wrote the book 'The thrill of the chaste', who gave her life story and shared some of her understandings with us over a view sessions. It is always amazing to her stories of recent converts (see is a Catholic just over a year). She lived a 'sex and the city' lifestyle (as is said, as I don't particularly enjoy watching soaps), but only found pleasure and no joy.... this left her with an empty feeling, and this empty feeling was filled up with the Love of God!!

Another great speaker was Br. Martin of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal. He gave an very good account of his live. Having been in all sorts of trouble during his younger years he explained how he came to become a brother, and how much he enjoyed it. The friars are coming to Newross (Limerick) in a few months, and I think they will be a great example. They live the vow of poverty to the full, for which I have tremendous respect!

Most talks were focused about 'God is love' and 'We cannot keep a great joy to ourselves' (cf. pope Benedict XVI). This was about living out God's love, and also reflections on God's love in relations of people. Dr. Phil Boyle gave a presentation on NaPro. Napro is a method to help couples to understand their fertility, which can be used for natural family planning. The main focus of Dr. Boyle and his colleagues is however to help couples to become pregnant as an alternative to IVF or if IVF fails. The statistics are overwhelming, so I encourage anybody to have a look at the website

We off course had Holy Mass every day, a very nice guided Holy Hour on Saturday evening and loads of opportunities for confession!

I could go on-and-on because it was a truly great weekend! It is great to get a large group of young people together to share their faith to educate themselves on modern issues!!!

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Anonymous said...

God Bless your journey. i will be praying for your vocation. I was also a convert and love with all my heart the Catholic Church. Linda V


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