Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Theology of the Body

Being up and down from Galway to Dublin for the youth conference the
is weekend, yesterday I had to go up to Dublin again, and just returned home in Galway.

Since it meant that I spent roughly 6 hour in the car I decided to continue to listen to the set of 10 cd's I have on the Theology of the Body. The cd's contain a lecture by Christopher West, and I already listened to the first 6 a few weeks ago going up and down to Cork, so it was nice to have a journey to continue it!

The Theology of the Body is definitely a topic I am really interested in studying in the future. I just ordered the book and some background information (as well a 4 more sets of the cd's if somebody is interested) to start and unravel the mysteries.

I think a proper understanding of the explanations as offered by John Paul II can potentially bring a lot of people back to the Catholic Church, in this era where moral values seem to be lost. Like a lot of the valuable teachings of the Church I think that it will bring much freedom to people if they would understand the depth of our being. The problem is however that only even a fraction of the Catholics know much about the fast treasure they miss out on.

The topic of the conference this weekend was love, and the theology of the body is a perfect extension of all the talks given. "We cannot keep a great joy to ourselves", and I get more and more in awe with the amount of people that do miss out on the incomprehensible deepness of Truth that is available to us! As a non believer 5 years ago I thought Christianity was all a fairy tale, but now I am amazed about the ignorance the world lives, unable to understand why the Truth is not known by much more people.

I will surely comment on the this topic more in the future!

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