Sunday, 24 June 2007

Science helped me to find God

It just happened in the last few days that twice I was talking with somebody who was amazed to hear me say that for me science does not contradicting religion, but helped me to find God!

This statement of course is not agreed with by a lot of people, but even the fact that most people are surprised science is discussed as an initial start of ones faith (like with me) shows that not a lot of people know about the current status of science in relation to religion.

In my opinion this is a topic that should be brought forward and discussed more, especially in modern times. Science might not be able to 'prove' that God exists, it can most definitely help us and point towards an intelligent designer.

With the 'origin of life' debate, the historical facts and the conclusions one can draw from looking to the problems in society, I think that that more effort should be spend on making this amazing welt of information available to more people who are interested in these topics.

I think a lot of people who are involved in religion are afraid of these topics, but my question is why? In the past scientists might have thought being able to explain everything without the necessity of God, but one, that doesn't mean there is no God, and two, those thoughts are outdated with modern methods of analysis available. In my eyes modern science definitely point more towards an intelligent design than anything else! A bitter reality is however, that there is not a lot of (financial) support in making known results and conclusions pointing towards creationism...

Moreover, being a Christian, I believe that the full Truth is found in God, so being afraid in debating those issues is basically proclaiming a lack of faith in my eyes. The truth is the truth, so why are we afraid in discovering it more deeply and help other people to see it as well!

Sometimes original discoveries and conclusions might not directly point to the truth, but when one delves deeper and has patience the real truth will come out, and with God being the Truth, will point to God.

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