Saturday, 2 June 2007

What do people do?

Just a thought that comes to me often on Saturday or Sunday... I usually go to town for mass and will be stuck in traffic with all the people in the queue for a parking space at the shipping centres... (especially on Sunday, I think that it is the busiest day in Galway city centre!)

Sometimes I walk into the city center after mass and a bit of adoration. There seem to be so many people running around shop street here in Galway, often on the phone and carrying loads and loads of bags... sometimes I just wonder if that is the highlight of the weekend.

I suppose I am not much of a shopper, but it seems a bit empty to me!
I reminds me a bit if the time I lived in the USA and you will see families going out together to McDonald's... people must really be brainwashed about certain things....

No, I think I am glad I found the meaning of life in the gospel!

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