Sunday, 17 June 2007

What more do we need than to love God as he loves us?

I don't particularly feel inspired today to write anything, but just want to put another line up on how great the gift of God's Love in our lives is! At Mass today it hit me once more how loving God is, and that he really loves each one of us! I really felt a great joy and want to give my whole life to Jesus!

Again I say that it is a real pity that a lot of people do not understand the message of love. The gospel today described the occasion where the sinful woman wiped the feet of Jesus with her hear after wetting them with her tears. Jesus said that her many sins must have been forgiven her because of the love she showed. He clearly makes the link between love and the forgiveness of her sins. I my eyes it is the love that comes forth from the reconciliation with God, and the joy and love if we can accept it!

I often wish that there was an easy way to help some people who might not delve in the deep mystery of Gods love to understand and encounter the living God!

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