Sunday, 15 July 2007

Cleaning out...

I don't feel particular motivated to write anything this week but like to keep up my weekly posts! This week was very busy at work, and it was hard to keep all the balls in the air!

I have started to sort all my possessions in 3 groups: stuff that can go home, stuff that can go to the Dominicans and rubbish. The first cleaning round mainly identified the last category, hence two full bins... it is amazing how much one collects over the years! I am now at the point to decide what to bring home and what to keep in Ireland.

Next weekend will be interesting as I will be on an evegalisation weekend with the Legion of Mary in Ballymon (Dublin). There will be 10 of us making us available to do Gods work, and we appreciate any prayers we can get! We pray that we may touch the people who are looking to find God in their lives and may help them a bit on the way to happiness and the fullness of joy!

The next two weeks will be mainly preparation for moving all everything either to the Dominicans or home, changing my address to Limerick with the many organisations/governments one is connected with and get everything together to fly home the 1st of August for a months holiday...

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