Sunday, 1 July 2007


The Dominican Order of Preachers had their interviews the past few days (Tuesday - Friday) in the priory in Tallagh.
I was one of the candidates to enter the noviciate coming September.

It were an enjoyable few days in which the candidates live with the community. There were multiple interviews, with the main interviews with the community members on Thursday. Though the interviews were very intensive and I felt very tired afterwards I must say that they were pleasant and all the members of the interview board (2 groups of 4) were very nice!
On Friday we got the results, and I was among two other candidates accepted by the order.

It has been an interesting journey and among a know I know what I will be doing in September a realisation that this decision will without doubt change the rest of my life!

Two days later now and I still have to get used to the reality.
The Gospel today mentioned that 'no one who looks back once the hand was layed on the plough is fit for the kingdom of God'. I don't dwell on this from the point of view that once one starts in the noviciate you have to become a religious but it is a reminder how serious Jesus saw the proclamation of the gospel and it makes me realise how much I have to learn before I will be fit to do so.

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