Saturday, 7 July 2007

Interest in religion

The news is slowly spreading that I am going to start the novitiate coming September with the Dominican Order of Preachers in Ireland. Most people who would now know are at work, and friends/customers who are told that I am leaving.

The amazing thing however is that there is actually a deep desire of a lot of people to actually discuss religion. The worst response I have had so far is indifference! I must first of all confess, that although I love discussing religious aspects with people, I often fall short in actually opening the topic. However, with me leaving to join a religious order being the topic of conversation I discovered that a lot of people actually do like to discuss it, and have a lot of questions about religion. Admittedly though, and sad, it is not a topic that is discussed often.

I think there is a lot of ignorance around the Catholic faith, and most catholics might not actually know a lot about Catholicism, and the reason for a lot of teaching. Apart from that, it also means that in most cases they actually don't know the GOOD news of Christianity, and often more so the rules and regulations, which on itself they might not agree with.

I think there is a huge job of re-evangelising a society. It was mentioned while disusing this topic with a few colleagues and friends while having a quite pint that there is a lot of ignorance, and that a lot of the treasure of our faith is never heart. There is a big task for as well the clergy as the faithful to make sure that people hear the GOOD news...

Finally, the existing part is for me that I believe that there is a lot of soil for seeding the Word. The media in particular but also voices inside the church suggest that people are not interested anymore in religion, but there is still a lot of faith left in Ireland, and it might only require a little bit more poking to get through to it!

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