Monday, 23 July 2007

Weekend visitation with Legion of Mary

Last weekend was a weekend with a Legin of Mary project. There were with 10 young people in Ballymon in Dublin to visit the people house to house. It was a difficult but rewarding weekend! Reception was generaly very good although there were off course some serious rejections. We spoke at the masses.

The most difficult work was probably Sunday afternoon, as we had some old Irish downpoors... we broke off the work halfway and happened to meet some other legionaries and said two rosaries... the prayers did work extremely well, and we finished with a smile on our face.

Overall, it was a very rewarding weekend!
It is nice to do the work, but it does make you relise that there is a lot of work to be done. With a very low mass attendace, some people may despair, but going door to door makes you relise that there is a lot of faith left! The harvest is rich, but the labarours are few, so let us pray that there might be more labourest responding to the call to work in the vinyard (and not only religeous, but off all types of voactions in life!)


Chrysostom15 said...

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Luuk Jansen said...

I think the Legion is great, for ourselves as well as for others. In my expirience it can be quite humbling, but there are always rewards (direct or indirect).
What is the address of the blog?
I can link to it on mine. Think it is great to share on the internet!


The Irish Dominicans have a website called Dominicans Interactive with online resources. We also have an iPhone/iPad App, which can be found in the iTunes App Store.


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