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Big Creation

A lot of people now a days belief or at least give consideration to the views of the atheist that the world is not created by a higher being and not depended on it. This view however has a lot of logical and scientific questions around it! I will point out a view of them on a low level in this article and give my own opinion on them. I will give some references to provide material for further reading.

First we can have a look at scientific, and specific astrological evidence as the existence of the world itself is the most obvious example of the creation by a higher being. As sources I used the article "Astronomical Evidences for God of the Bible" and others[1]. Einstein stated the equations of special relativity and later general relativity in the beginning of the 20th century. Resistance to the theory of special relativity was broken down early as the success of the equations to predict observations and experiments was overwhelming. Einstein' s equations of general relativity prove that everything in the universe expands and decelerates simultaneously. The only known phenomenon that behaves the same is an explosion resulting the all accepted conclusion that the universe is the result of some kind of "Big Bang". Soon the Astronomer Edwin Hubble proving that the galaxies do expand as Einstein predicted [2]. However, a following conclusion is as well that there is a beginning and we can then reason that there has to be as well a Beginner as we will see below.

The response from the non theistic world view was a variety of alternatives for the "Big bang" theory to rule out the beginning and the need for a Beginner. Three British astrophysicists [3,4] proposed in 1948 a "continuous creation" where the creation is ongoing all the time, but this theory was proven wrong when with performing a simple test that was proposed in 1920 by Sir James Jeans stating that there should be a "steady population" in the universe in case of a "continuous creation" but he showed that no stars have been found older than 16 billion years and (very nearly) all galaxies are middle aged.

There are more invented theories about the creation as for example the "oscillating universe", where the universe is wrapped in an ever continuing cycle of explosion, collapse and then an explosion again. This theory does not hold however for various reasons as for example the fact that the mass of the observed universe is only half the mass needed for the universe to collapse to start it next "oscillating cycle" and the huge entropy of the universe would not permit more than a few bounces anyway [5]. With the evaporation of the hesitate, steady state and oscillation models evaporates also the foundation of the eastern beliefs of reincarnation and the basis of Hinduism, Buddhism and its New Age derivatives. The impossibility of an eternal existing cosmos translates also into the impossibility of the pantheism and all its daughter faiths.

We can establish that time has a beginning according to the equations of general relativity as three British astrophysics established [6]. Their papers showed that if these equations are valid for the universe, then, under reasonably general conditions, space and time also must have an origin. With the knowledge that time has a beginning, and a relatively recent beginning (17 +/- 3 billion years), all age-stretching attempts to save non-theistic science should cease according to the article.

Other evidence of an intelligent design of the universe can be found when looking at 18 parameters as summarised in "Astronomical Evidences for God of the Bible" [1], where the degree of fine-tuning is utterly amazing. The degree of fine-tunedness for many of these parameters is utterly amazing. For example, coated from Dr. Ross [1], if the strong nuclear force were even two percent stronger or two percent weaker, the universe would never be able to support life. More astounding yet, the ground state energies for 4He, 8Be, 12C, and 16O cannot be higher or lower with respect to each other by more than four percent without yielding a universe with insufficient oxygen and/or carbon for any kind of life, and the expansion rate of the universe is even more sensitive. It must be fine-tuned to an accuracy of one part in 1055! Clearly some ingenious Designer must be involved in the physics of the universe. It is possible to continue the publications of prove for the existence of the Creator but we leave it at this to prevent this article from being blown out of proportion and the references at the end of the article should be a good start if you are interested in continuing the research.
We could have a look as well at the fact that the universe needs to have a beginning and beginner following the philosophical reasoning as well. One reasoning for this is called "kalam cosmological argument" [7], but we won' t explain this argument in this article as we try to use physical evidence as a source for our proof, but encourage you to read the article following the link below if you are interested in philosophical reasoning.

My own conclusion from above and from reading the various articles is that a lot of scientists have tried to find loopholes in the theory of creation and a Creator, but that after detailed and extensive examination all those theories they don't seem to undermine the possibility of a creator in my view.
It seems to me that a lot of people try to find a reason not the belief in God but fail in doing so since everything seems to point only in one direction, the one Truth and the one God. The approve is only a few short points on topics related to the creation of the universe to give a start for further research possible with the references below.
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