Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Case for Christ

Although a lot of people are not active Christian believers, common belief seems to be that Jesus Christ did live in the first century.

For a lot of people this is how far they go though in their belief. Who he was, however, and what he did is a topic on which you can get a lot of sceptic looks. There are on the other side a lot of ways to proof existence of our Lord and to support his claim that he is the Son of God. The most obvious account of his live and most accessed and available to everybody is the Holy Bible, and in perticular the four Gospels, which gives an detailed account of his preaching and the miracles he performed. Our start in our case for Christ will be to discuss the trustworthiness of the bible, since this can be used as an account of Jesus life, and help to get deeper understanding of what happened in those times.

The historical background of the Bible and therefore its trustworthiness can be examined in three rough steps, the first step is a bibliography test, which all historical documents have to pass. Then there is the internal evidence in which the writers and writing were creditable and how reliable the witnesses can be. Finally an external evidence test will look if the content of the document is consisted with writings and events of that time.

The Bible has also over hundreds prophesies which have been fulfilled, and Christianity is the only religion where prophesies have been given and fulfilled (except the Islam where Mohamed prophesised that he would return to Mecca and he did). If we can accept that the accounts of Jesus as described in the New Testament are right, who was Jesus then? If all these stories are true , how could that be without the involvement of God, and then even more important without him being God.

You can reason out that with the accounts given, and the wisdom, knowledge, miracles, love and self-sacrifice that he was not a lunatic or an evil lair since the first would not have the knowledge and wisdom and the latter won't be so stupid to let himself crucify by proclaiming to be God. It is as well hard to explain the many miracles that look place during that time without the power of God.

The coming of the Messiah was exactly prophesised in the Old Testament and Jesus gave a perfect prophesy himself by telling that the generation to which he was speaking would see the destruction of the temple which happened in 70 AD (A Jewish generation is 40 years!)

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