Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Why it is important to know about God's existence

(Copied from my blog Witness Christ)

It really does matter, and matter very much, how we think about the cosmos" are the words of Dr. George Roche [1]. If the universe is uncreated, eternally self/existent, or accidental then it has no purpose and, consequently, we have no purpose. Determinism rules. Morality and religion are ultimately irrelevant. People have a comfortable life, or at least most who life in the Western world, and are more and more educated by one of the marvels of the world: the television! More and more documentaries throw so called fact about the big bang and the birth of the earth at the viewers and explain how life really started, at least that is the impression one gets when reading a common paper or when watching television.

The result is that Christianity is pushed more and more to the background, sometimes even suggested old fashion or revered at as a fairytale. This is a pity since Christianity is actually a very modern and an actual topic especially if it comes to the topic of science, but concerning social behaviour of the communities. Some of the articles presents on this blog try to give a short introduction to the numerous (scientific) facts reasoning for the existence of God and the His son our Lord Jesus Christ.

I also try to explain what the meaning of life is in other articles, what the point of our existence is, why we know what is right and wrong and why we have a moral law. There are a few approaches you can take to discover the existence of God and the Truth this knowledge brings to you, and the most interesting or appropriate way depends on the person. The most important thing is however to be open for the Word of God, and ask him (pray) to help and guide you on the way of exploration.

In our article the case for Christ is evidence given for the accuracy of the Bible, and so the accounts of Jesus round the years 30 AD. This gives already a whole new look and dimension on the Bible and will help to boost the faith of a lot of people. Following on this article are some more scientific and historical fact concerning the existence of our God.

1. George Roche, A World Without Hero's (Hillsdale college press, 1987)

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