Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Practice faith

A lot of people nowadays don't see the reason to belief and practice a active Christian live because they don't have Jesus in their lives. The existence of God is not an issue for them, they don't belief because they don't feel the need.

Modern live is very comfortable in most cases, and it is usually not until a drastic change in people's live or the reaching of an old age that men seems to search for God. The reason for this is that the question "What is the meaning and reason for life?" raises.

The Bible is an very important part of the Christian live. The Bible is the Word of God, so God can speak to us though the Bible. Just reading a few lines of the Bible every day will without any doubt change somebody?s life. People will say: "I read the Bible for a few weeks but it did nothing for me!" but try to have faith, and be open and look back after 2-3 months, surely you see the influence!


Anonymous said...

I'm so GLAD I found your blog.
I just recently became a true believer.
I was raised as a Christian, but the religion really didn't take until this year.
Now, I just have to try to remember God has a reason for things and control my temper.
I like ur articles a lot.
I think they make a lot of sense.

Luuk Jansen said...

Well the articles are a start... hopefully I will have more time in the months to come to improve and extent them a little!

The Lord is really "the Truth the Way and the Light", not as a concept but as a reality!


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