Wednesday, 15 August 2007

The mystery Right and Wrong

Where does right and wrong come from? Most people will answer that it doesn't come from anywhere because it is personal and that it depends on the opinion of the person and the culture someone is living in. Making it subjective however does not really make sense if we really think about it. That would means that you cannot put somebody into prison because for example someone stole something since he though it was completely right or he needed some money to buy food. Personally he thought he was right, and let's say he is from another culture, it wouldn't be right to judge him according the subjective idea of what is right and wrong in the locality where he stole the object.

We can neither judge the slavery occurring a few hundred years ago since the culture at that time regarded it as right and didn't have any problems with the human trade according. If the idea of "right and wrong" is subjective, then what they did was not wrong looking at the culture at the time, and few would agree with that.

Humans seem to justify their behaviour according to a higher law that they suppose everyone is aware of, and which can be referred to as the moral law. You would be very annoyed if you are waiting in line at the bank and somebody skips the queue, however, you would probably not be as annoyed if you knew that the other did not see the queue or did not know that he had to queue? This is completely illogical since both the instances have the same effect but are judged on in a different way.

A remarkable fact is as well that only humans have a sense of right and wrong, animals don't. Animals have, what humans have as well, an instinct and have an instinctual behaviour. An example is the instinct to protect their offspring, or the sexual drive to reproduce since this is needed to insure the survival of the race. Many animal parents will even sacrifice their live for their offspring. They don't act on decision of right and wrong but only on instinct. Does this moral law (the sense of right and wrong) the fruit of the combination of instinct and the human intelligence? Most animals have intelligence as well in a greater or lesser degree, for example look at Dolphins or a cat teaching a kitten to hunt. This intelligence however helps the instinct and works with it, where we usually want to act against the moral law.

If there is no logic reason for the existence of the moral law (as Einstein pointed out), where does this law come from? An explanation comes from the tree of knowledge of good and evil as pointed out in Genesis: "Yahweh God called the man saying 'Where are you' He said, 'I heard your voice in the garden and I was afraid because I was naked, so I hid.' God said, 'Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten of the tree I ordered you not to eat?'" (Gn 3:9-11).

Could this be true and could we accept that the moral law come from the creator like the laws of physics? I certainly never saw a dog covering his male parts because he was ashamed! Does this not tie in with the separation from the Creator since we tent to disobey this law? This ties in exactly with the Christian teaching and gives an understanding how we can get closer to our God by following the moral law he has given us and listening to the Words he has spoken to us to help us to repent. You will find that this is what Jesus tries to teach us during his time of ministry on earth. The closer you come to God the better your understanding of right and wrong gets.

Some people find it perfectly to watch television after 10-11 pm and watch some interesting biological programs, a closer relation with god will teach you that there is something wrong with that. This understanding and guidance of God can grow as you are more open for His guidance in you life and you can even experience a total feeling of wrong at watching anything on television that has not a possitive contribution to your life.

The conclusion of the short article above is that there is no logical explanation of the existence of right and wrong as it is given to us humans. Other created live forms as we know don't seem to have this sense of a moral law and are solemnly acting on their instinct support by their intelligence to improve their change to survive. Humans however have the daily battle with this moral law, which urges us to do good instead of acting solemnly for our own salvation or the salvation of or kind. The root of this can only be explained by the root of good which is God, and is in fact described in Genesis 3:9-11. The more we follow the moral law the closer we can get to the Creator, or the closer we get to our Creator the closer we want to follow this moral law, the law which Jesus tried to help us to start to follow during his ministry on earth.

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