Monday, 17 September 2007

God loves us and searches for us

Yesterday in the gospel as read at mass was a combination of stories which show God searching for us and when he even finds one of us there is a reason for great celebration! God loves us so much that we cannot comprehend the rejoicing over one found soul.

I think however that we must realize that a 'soul who is found' does not means exactly that God found this person and decided to welcome him in hos family. The story of the prodigal son shows this, where the the younger son got 'lost' and gave in to the temptations of the world. After being brought completely to his knees he realised that he was much better of with his father at home, even if only as a servant! His father however never had any bad feeling towards him, and he rejoiced when he saw his son return!

It is exactly the same with God! We are the ones that run away all the time! We all give in to temptations, decide that we know better or don't give our relation with Jesus enough time to develop and subsequent slowly get lost.
It is not God however who in subsequent throws ignored us or is angry with us, but ourselves that reject His love!

If we would only understand how deep God's love for us is, and how wonderful life can be if we only gave only a small bit of time to get to know him. The relation with God is as with any relation! It takes time to get to know the other, and it takes effort to keep a good relation going. The only difference with this relation is that God is knows us already, and it is only up to us to seek him, and open ourself open to him.

God gave us complete freedom, which means that he gave us complete freedom to love him. As long as we reject him he cannot force his love on us! Often we are the stumbling block for His Divine grace to flow!

Christopher West in one of his talks on the 'Theology of the Body' says that God gave us all a bank account with 1 billion Euro/Dollar in it! Most of us however only withdraw 7 cent out of this account during our life!

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