Friday, 14 September 2007

Novitiate started!

Today the Novitiate started for myself and the other two novices. The picture shows ourselves and our Novice Master just after the clothing ceremony outside the church (wearing the full Dominican habit).

We only arrived back yesterday evening from a five day retreat which was a peaceful preparation for the start of the novitiate. The ceremony was preformed at the community mass in the morning, and was very prayerful. Although a bit nervous until it was all over I really enjoyed it.

Some friends came down and there was a nice gathering afterwards. The atmosphere was really welcoming, and I am really looking forward to the coming year! We as novices are now officially excepted for this year to try the habit and to get to know the Irish Dominicans. If we decide that God is calling us toward religious life with the Dominicans (and the order concurs) we will be officially received into the order next year on the 15th of September (after doing 365 days of novitiate).

It is great to feel the warm welcome of the community, and also as I may say, a warm encouragement of God. Making decisions nowadays seems difficult, but if we do, and do it while trying to do it with God, is very rewarding! Up till today I might have been nervous, but all the nervousness is gone now, feeling ready to enjoy this year! Sometimes we just have to get out of the boat! The sea might be roaring, and the wind blowing, but with our eyes on Christ we can walk on the water. Often we will fail and maybe get discouraged, slowly sinking into the deep, but every time He will quickly come to our aid and help us up again to give us strength to try again!


Felix Randal said...

Congratulations! There's lots of people praying for ye...

Paul said...

It has taken a lot of courage Luuk, tanti auguri. Remember some of us in your prayers.


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