Saturday, 27 October 2007


Just a small reflection on prayer on my blog.
Prayer is where we meet God and we can talk with him. A time of peace and silence, being with our Lord.

My problem has often been that I start to rush through my prayers. I don't have that problem as much anymore now, as I am a novice and much more time to pray, although I said a rosary in record time today just before vespers. When I was still working though, I sometimes, or maybe not so sometimes, I tried to say my prayers when I didn't really have enough time. An good example is the rosary, where I just squeezed one in before going somewhere.

Reflecting back on these times, and now being able to pray more at ease, I think one has to be careful not to go for quantity, but more for quality. If you have 10 minutes spare in the evening, say one decade slowly or, what I sometimes did, reflect on an image of the define mercy for the 10 minutes. In pure silence...

Silence is, I think, the most important aspect of deep prayer. In the silence of our heart our Lord speaks to us. It is very hard nowadays to get this silence. There is always noise, phones ringing, things to do which occupy our minds etc., but we should try to find silence for prayer.

I think 'silence' should also come into our own actions. I might have made the mistake that I tried to communicate with the Lord, as in, with a great effort form my side. This however might render result sometimes, but recent experiences have shown me that that is not the best way. The Lord is already with us! We don't have to climb up to him. By climbing up we might leave him behind, right on the place were we were.

A better way would be in my way, to try and dwell in Christ. To open ourselves up to him, to open the door. This sounds easier than it is on first reflection, but maybe it is easier than we think once we understand it. Meditation on Christ, through our own reflections, an image or scripture, might help us to dwell in Christ. This deepening of prayer will give us a deep sense of peace or presence in our whole being...

In the beginning it might be very difficult, and we quickly lose this moment of dwelling in Christ.
That is were I am at! But in time we will be able to dwell with him for longer and deeper. It can be explained by walking on a wire, we quickly fall off. But with practice, walking the wire might become as easy as walking on a motorway.

Off course we won't always find this peace. If we would we might become addicted to it, and start praying, not to be with Jesus but to get an emotional experience. I belief however, that if we are seriously trying to find a way to be with Jesus, he will help us and show us. We then know that we are with him, even when we don't get emotional highs. Faith is important as well, but I belief that we are not asked to have blind faith. Our God is not a dead God, but a very alive God, very present in our lives, and we see him in the face of Jesus.

Just some thoughts...

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