Sunday, 21 October 2007

Reflection on Genesis

I was studying the book "Genesis as dialogue" by Fr. Brodie OP, and there was one observation that stroke me.

Quoting he says, derived from sources mentioned in the book, "Genesis apparently is not describing creation ex nihilo, creatino from nothing" (p. 133). Personally I am not too concerned about this, as I don't see the need to have to interpret Genesis literary, but I trikes me that that is a very useful argument, and possibly helps us to be able to more closely link Genesis with scientific observances and as such get a deeper understanding of our being (although this can be dangerous as Genesis is NOT a science book)

I am holding the belief that the question if macro evolution is true or not is not really relevant, but that it is much more interested to think how life started. I cannot belief that life started randomly after having done some research on this topic, just because that theory goes in against a lot of the scientific and biologic facts we nowadays have (Dr. Behe among many others did some very interesting research on this). Anyway, even if life 'sprong' out a puddle of mud, where did this original puddle from, or whatever was the cause of the puddle to exist.

I would be a supporter of an "intelligent design" theory. I quoted "intelligent design" and used "an", as the term "intelligent design" can have different interpretations and emotions attached to it in different parts of the world. In a nut shell I would hold the view that God had a guiding hand in the development of the world. I personally don't have a particular view as yet on how this would be (as in, created everything as is with only micro evolution since, or with an aspect of macro evolution as well). I do strongly belief that humans as they are, are different from animals as we have "knowledge of good and evil" and have a soul.

Anyway, not to get too carried away with the above I will returning to genesis, I like the suggestion that the might already have existed, and that the account describes the forming of life, and the interaction of God with first life. Obviously even if the earth already existed for some time it has to be grounded in a creative act from God. My observance doesn't really change anything to my view, but I like the idea of the possibility that the earth was already in it's primitive form, but without life (maybe as a result of the big bang), and that God breathed over the earth to bring life to it.

I haven't reflected on the above, and it has many flaws, but the part that I enjoy is that every time I find that the scriptures are so deep and can give us so much information to pounder on!

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