Monday, 8 October 2007

Some news

I haven't put any posts up for some time now as I decided to really use my novitiate year as a novitiate :-).
This means that I devote a lot of time to private prayer, and I must say that I really makes the days enjoyable.

Before I started I was afraid that the 'enclosure' would have been to much for me. Enclosure is a big word nowadays are we are fairly free, but we are supposed to be in the novitiate for the full year. After the first three weeks are over now I really feel home, and I would really encourage anyone who half thinks that God is calling him or her to any vocation to give it at least a thought and maybe a try! I am amazed, and most of all that I would actually be ok with even being more enclosed.

I think I now start to understand contemplative nuns and monks who are enclosed their whole life. Before I couldn't really image how that would be, but I think I am starting to understand it now!

It is a blessed time, and I am really happy that I am doing this! Before I usually lived with a look to the future, to holidays or the weekend. Now I can say that I am happy where I am today and what I am doing now at this moment!

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