Monday, 19 November 2007

Youth 2000 retreat, Ennismore, Cork

It has been some time since my last post as I noticed when logging on to my blog!

I has been a busy two weeks. We went down to a Youth 2000 retreat in Ennismore, Cork.

It was a great weekend, and I wish I could share some of the great experiences over the weekend! I estimate that there were about 70 people who came to the retreat and stayed over the full two days, there were about 120 other times! I don't know were they all stayed!

The retreat was kind of following the standard program for Y2k. We began with a rosary and mass on Friday, after which adoration was started. Adoration is on all the time, and interrupted only for mass. People singed up for an hour with the Lord during the night, so the Eucharist is never left alone. There is a great atmosphere, and there is always very good music at those retreats... even we ourselves started to move our arms after a while!

I did a hour of adoration on both nights, and it was really worth it. Even the fact that I had an opportunity to spend a lot of time with the Lord in adoration was worth the weekend, let alone the fun, music and joy shared with all the other young adults!

The Saturday started with morning prayer followed by breakfast, a few songs and then a talk, which was on the Eucharist. Then after that there were sharegroups, again a bit of singing and two testimonies. After lunch there was a bit of time off until about 3 with some more singing, few workshops followed by holy mass, which was a great celebration!

We again had a very nice dinner, and a talk on conversion in the evening followed by a time of guided meditation in which people got the chance to go to confession. I belief there were 8-10 priest who heard confession for at least 1.5-2 hours. After this there was a healing service, were a priest comes around to every person individual for an blessing... everything was very very prayerful! It is hard to describe in words how wonderful this Saturday evening is... really the highlight of any Y2k retreat!

The Sunday had the same start, with morning prayer, breakfast, a bit of singing and a talk. I had to give the talk (and that is the reason I didn't have much time to write on my blog lately), and I hope I touched some people as I got a bit of topic and didn't really say what I was supposed to talk about (and had prepared). After the talk sharegroups again, followed by a few testimonies of people in the audience and then lunch.

The final event was Holy Mass again, which was a great celebration with about 120 Young People, great music, a lot of incense and a very inspiring homely! Every oven and done, and after a good few closing hymns it was time to pack everything up and go back to Limerick...

I cannot really put words on it, and hope he pictures show some of the joy we experienced:! It was worth every moment of it, and if possible I would go again as soon as possible. For anybody who reads this and has an opportunity to go to such a retreat, really do (wherever in the world). It is a place were graces are flowing abundantly, and a place where we meet our Lord!

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