Sunday, 16 December 2007

The monks of Moyross

Yesterday we went out to Moyoss to give the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal a hand with their nativity play they organised. Earlier in the week we already gave them a hand by calling door to door in the Moyross area and to try and promote carroll singing last Wednesday in the parish church and the nativity play yesterday afternoon.

Being brief I just want to say that it was a great event. The friars really did a very good job on the organisation and there was a lot of interest in the whole event. It was great to see so many people turning up! The friars made national news with their work, and rightly so.

We far to often hear or indeed think that it is impossible to organise any big religious event, but the Franciscans have shown us that it can be done, and it should be a sign for us that we have to be bold in proclaiming the gospel!

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Doing nothing??

I saw my last post was the 20th of November, that sounds like a long time ago! Time really goes by very fast I find! It feels only like a couple a days ago that we went to Cork for the youth 2000 retreat, and yet it is three weeks now I guess.

I rang a friend at home earlier today, and we had a short conversation about all kinds of things. He wouldn't be religious at all (and when I mean at all I mean more than at all). That means that it is hard to talk about how I am getting on in the novitiate and religious life. It doesn't really make sense for someone who doesn't belief in God.

I often just end up saying that I don't have any news, that the days are all kind of the same, and it is hard to talk about the different things that make up the day, like prayers, mass, study etc. How can one explain what religious life is about to someone who doesn't belief in God? In the eyes of the secular world it is a lot of the time I guess 'doing nothing'. Prayer is 'doing nothing' to one who doesn't belief in God, and some people have the same opinion about a life long of study.

After putting down the phone, and going down to the church to say a few prayers before mass I thought a bit about it. It is a mystery to live a life with God. Not only religious life, but also every other form of vocation in life. My friend mentioned that he didn't expect me to last, as I am a very active person. That again brought home something I wouldn't think of daily, and that is the fulfillment that having God close to us. It transforms 'doing nothing' into 'doing everything'. It is the difference between being 'lazy and selfish' and 'proactive and all giving'. It is the difference between restlessness and peace, the deep satisfaction it gives deep down to our soul.

God is the only reason I live this life, and the fact that I love it is a witness of his presence (probably foremost of all to myself). It is living the beauty of nothing except the rest we find in God. It is about the inner peace in the bottom of our soul, of the satisfaction and ultimate fulfillment we find there.

The great thing is that it is not something magical, something far beyond our reach. It is already given to us, already with us. Jesus came to us, he is standing at the door, we only have to open the door and just welcome Him. We only have to accept Him!

The beauty of silence, of being able to be with God!


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