Monday, 14 January 2008

Greek vocablist (with Word Frequency in NT)

I also created a vocabulary list according to the Word Frequency a word is found in the New Testament (words occurring more than 10 times). This list again works with Vocabworks.

The words are arranged in groups of 25 allowing for gradual learning, and the frequency filter can be used if required to filter on the amount of times the Greek word is used in the New Testament.

There are two version. One with all the words in the NT (as in the list, 5388 words). Also there is a version with all words occurring more than 5 times (as my old Windows 98 computer doesn't like 5000+ words) which is a total of 1859 words.

Set with all the words used in the New Testament
Set with words occurring more than 5 times

(I am using Rapidshare as it is an easy way to quickly share files. Just follow the procedures as explained, you don't have to register of pay, just pick the free option)

I have a link to an example configuration of Vocabwords included in my post on my word frequency list of Greek vocabulary for Romans: Please follow this link!

As I see that this post is often visited I just wanted to add that I found the following New Testament edition very helpful: "A Reader's Greek New Testament", published by Zondervan.

It is a UBS based Greek NT but has every word which is used less than 30 times translated into English at the bottom of the page. This is very helpful in starting to read the text. Where interlinear can make one to lazy, this is a really good help.

I am not a very quick learner of languages, and as such try to read every day the Gospel of the day in Greek to work on my Vocabulary, but fairly soon after starting to learn the words occurring more than 30 times it is possible to make sense out of the text!

The ISBN is 0-310-24888-4.

I now have an iPhone/iPad/iTouch App in the AppStore, which makes it very easy to practice vocabulary. It includes Latin, Greek and Hebrew: iTunes App Store

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