Monday, 7 January 2008


It has been a long time (almost a month) since my last post. The novitiate is going very well (at least from my perspective, don't know of course what others think!). This is the main reason I don't post as much as I like. I really want to try and make most of this year, and don't want to sending too much time on the internet!

More and more I see the challenges that are before me, and I realise more and more that there is a lot that I have to do and learn if I want to become a preacher. Especially on the side of my prayer life! Christmas has been great, and I really enjoyed the few quite days after Christmas, but also realise that we cannot life on chocolate all the time!

This realisation was given a lot of new life during the weekend when we had 3 of the brethren being ordained as deacons last Saturday: brothers Fergus Ryan, Declan Corish and David Rocks. Such a great occasion brings it really home to me that I have to become a man of prayer, and in that way others can see Christ in me. No need to say I have a lot of work to do! I think the Archbishop gave a good homely of encouragement to that respect.
It was the first time I was present at an ordination , and I really enjoyed it! Please have a look at the blog of our vocation director for more information:

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