Sunday, 13 January 2008

Wheelock's latin vocab lists

Update: I now have an iPhone/iPad/iTouch App in the AppStore, which makes it very easy to practice vocabulary. It includes Latin, Greek and Hebrew: iTunes App Store

Just a quick post for people who are using Wheelock's latin and are looking for a good way of practising their vocabulary. As I am trying to build my own vocabulary I came across Vocabworks and, although haven't used it a lot yet, think it is a good tool for practising.

I put the Wheelock's latin vocabulary (which I downloaded) into Vocabworks.
The vocab list can be downloaded from:


M. said...

If you want to build up your vocabulary and you are a visual learner, then there is an ever growing resource of visual learning aids on Schola.

You need to sign in, and visit the photographiae section.

Here you will find over 2 800 photographs of objects, with the latin word for the object written on it.

Some also have basic phrases, introducing related verbs. Everyday objects are included as well, such as furniture, crockery and cutlery, transport, boats, etc.

There are also images related to learning greetings and salutations.

This resource is constantly expanding, and anyone serious about learning Latin will find it useful

All of the resources are free of charge

The Latinum podcast now has over 50 lessons online, each lesson is composed of several episodes comprising:

a. grammar
b. English-Latin conversational dialogue (question and answer)
c. Repetition of the same short dialogues in Latin only, first with
pauses, then again more quickly.

There are already thousands of regular users of the lessons, located all over the world. The clickable map on Latinum's home page gives an insight into where in the world people are studying and listening to Latin.

If you cannot attend an actual Latin class, (and even if you can) then Latinum's lessons, and extensive vocabulary learning resources, classical text readings, etc, will be an invaluable resource.

Many established Latin programmes, including schools and universities, are also now directing their students to it.

With over 1,300,000 lessons downloaded to date, this is the largest single Latin programme available.

Anonymous said...

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The Irish Dominicans have a website called Dominicans Interactive with online resources. We also have an iPhone/iPad App, which can be found in the iTunes App Store.


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