Sunday, 20 April 2008

Back online

We haven't had internet for almost a month here in the priory. From Holy Saturday till now there have been technical problems, but I experienced that time as a real blessing! Nevertheless, with the connection restored, or at least working most of the time, I will put a quick post on this blog to keep it alive...

We are in the eighth month now of the noviciate. Spring has arrived, the summer is coming nearer! We can see it in nature but I also feel it in my life in the noviciate. There is a real sense of promise, of youth and of growth.

Over the last few years Easter has always be a big spiritual boost for me. Lent, and especially Holy week have been a experience of anticipation without really knowing what is going to happen. Off course we know, but I experience it as a time where everything seems unsure, not as fixed and certain as I thought it all was. Spiritually it really feels like a period in the desert, and there is the uncertainty if it will even end... however, the Resurrection came!

With now being more than seven months in the noviciate I think I really start to settle in God as it where. It seems to me that I have found a rock to stand on, and it helps me not to be as moved with the things around but to stay focused. It still means keeping the balance, as the rock is not terribly big, but it seems manageable. Disturbances during the day don't seem to throw me off balance as easy anymore. I really noiced that with the current problems in trying to find out the problem with the internet, an amount of patience that I didn't have before I think. Also I don't feel a need to "go out" or to "go away" and to "do something", but can be content with the present day, and what happens here and now.

I am sure the rock will become shaky at some time in the near future. I am very gratefull that we are given this time year of the noviciate to allow us to have time to spent in prayer, to have the time to establish a more profound relation with the Lord. I will cherish the time left this year to try in receiving a deeper understanding of and grow in a deeper comunion with our Lord . At present I enjoy the promise of its solid support and realise that it will be vital in the future!

This is just one of my own reflections, I hope it makes sense to you the reader as well!

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