Sunday, 20 April 2008

What is truth?

These days once more my reflections drift to the motto of the Dominican Order: Veritas!

I am wondering if we often enough think about about the Truth, talk about it and proclaim or preach it to others. Do we really think about "Truth" as something real? Do we live it? Do we belief in it?

Truth, we automatically There probably have been libraries written on this topic, but I just want to have a write a quick incoherent reflection on it myself as the reader of this blog are just to (the incoherent part I mean).
I think we, and maybe especially preachers - but then everybody is a preacher in his own environment, have to speak out about Truth again. We have to make it known again as something actual, something real. Society, at least as I see it, becomes more and more subjective, but truth is not subjective and knowledge of the Truth counteracts that. Truth is true, and truth is always true. Truth is not true for one person and not for another! This straight away points it beyond anything we know, as everything is this world passes away, everything changes. Thus, with maybe taking a few shortcuts, we can see that Truth points towards God, because only God is unchanging. So if we acknowledge God, and as a result are proclaiming the Truth to others, we again proclaim God to others.

The danger is through that we think or say that we proclaim the Truth, but that we really water it down and make is subjective to our own liking. This off course can happen on a unconscious level, but in my opinion this is done far too much deliberately, and first and foremost if it comes to explaining the Truth (eg God) to other people. Because we don't tell the Truth fully people don't get the benefits from the full Truth. The Truth gives us purpose and hope, and makes us part of the solid building of who Jesus Christ is the cornerstone.

In modern society there is not a lot of places where people can find solid ground, a solid point of focus for their lives. It is more needed than ever, solid hope, to stop God's children from running around from here to there because they are trying but cannot find a place of solid rest. By watering down the Turth we water down the foundation of this solid place of rest which is given to us, the solid rest of being in communion with God.

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