Sunday, 13 July 2008

Mass @home

I just want to put short note on the blog this weekend, as I intent to write at least one post a week, where possible connected with the Sunday gospel.

However, this week I want to particularly ask for prayers for vocations in the Netherlands. I am home for a very short visit, and went to Sunday mass. Now, in the Netherlands this means that there is not always a priest available to say the mass, especially in the north as there is a real shortage of priests. In my local parish there is no priest either, and there is usually a Word and Communion service.

However, I travelled a bit of a distance to another city and decided to go to mass there. And indeed there were multiple priests there, but to my full surprise the mass was not celebrated. The service was not lead by a priest, which I assume was a ceremony of Word and Communion, while at least three priest were present in the congregation and choir! I must say that I do not have words for the disappointment of seeing this happening...

As most readers of this blog know I am a relatively recent convert and that I belief in the authentic teachings of the Catholic Church. I understand the strain certain parishes are under with the lack of priest, but I cannot understand why there is no mass celebrated when this is possible? The biggest gift our Lord left us is our anticipation in this sacrifice which is made present to us in the mass, while He gives us His sacred body and blood! What happened to the richness of this sacrament?

If it is said that young people are not interested in going to the Church here in the Netherlands then I experienced at least one reason why not, because I wouldn't go back. Sunday mass is not just a coming together, it is a solemn calibration of our faith. Nowadays young people don't come anymore because of habit, if they come they come because they find something genuine, and they know when it is genuine!

So sorry for this rand, but I just want to share these few thoughts! In this (Irish) year of vocations, set us pray for Holy and genuine priests... and for the brethren!

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Gerard Dunne OP said...

Hi Luuk. I hope you enjoyed the trip home to the Netherlands. It is sad to read that the Eucharist was not celebrated, even when it was more than possible. It is my contention that we take the sacredness of the Eucharist for granted......if only we knew the true value of this gift to us!

Congratulations too on your blog in your native language!



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