Thursday, 31 July 2008

The week after...

It is already nearing the end of the week after the Knock Youth Festival, but I still wanted to do a quick post. Yesterday and today the same gospel is read at daily mass as was at last Sunday which reminded me of the weekend: the parables about the treasure in the field and of the merchant looking for fine pearls (Mt 13:44-52)... it was a very suitable gospel for the weekend, and the bishop had a very enjoyable homily at the closing mass!

Although the retreat was a bit different than I am used to being organised by the Knock Youth Ministry the weekend was a great success. I must confess that I like the more Eucharistic centered approach of Youth 2000, but maybe that is because I become less young. From all over Ireland Young People gathered and there was a lot of joy in the air! Being there only for a bit of the festival I didn't get to most of the talks, but really enjoyed the parts I was able to attend!

It is always great to see a lot of friends at these gatherings. Moreover I once more like to say that this shows that there is a big interest in our Faith. Also there are people called to be ministers of the faith, to the priesthood and religious life, as I talked to a few of the young who inquired about religious life! Still young people find the fine peal and go off happy to sell everything they have to obtain the pearl!

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