Saturday, 5 July 2008

Why do so few people see the fullness of life?

We read in this Sundays gospel: "I bless you, Father, Lord of heaven and of earth, for hiding these things from the learned and the clever and revealing them to mere children" (Mt 11:25). This just struck me, especially as I am going home at the end of the week to visit my family in the Netherlands.

Since becoming a Catholic I am so often amazed, and dumbfounded, by the very very small amount of people who actually see the fullness of our faith and and live it! In my eyes it makes so much sense, and it is so clear that the teaching of the Church are not just rules to bind people but the roadmap to a happy life on this earth and happiness hereafter. And even better, it is not just a set of very good developed set of moral teachings to make us good neighbours, it is an offer of a relation with the one living God, the only one who can give us the fullness of life. To me this is all so clear now I am living it...

It is so often said to me, often by friends who do not belief, that the church is almost dead and every week churches are closed (that is in the Netherlands). To them it is obvious that belief in God is proven a hoax. I don't know any details about the statement of the churches being closed, and the reasons for that. But I often ask myself looking around our church here in Ireland and wonder how many people coming to the church do really belief and grasp the treasure of our faith. How many people do really have a real living and loving relationship with our Lord, who many really know Him face to face soto speak?

Maybe the gospel can help us here a bit, as it says that it is the mere children who grasp it, not the learned and the clever. It are not the people who have all the answers and think they know everything, can think they can explain everything, but the people who are mere children, who look around them and see and experience the beauty of God and who understand the mystery of our being in a more profound way than any learned man ever can.

I think it is more and more important that we start telling people about the treasures of our Catholic Faith. I read a small article about WYD in Sydney, and a interview about an Australian couple who gives instruction in marital and sexual relationships. Jonathan Doyle explained that he and his wife (Karen) will share personally about the real-life implications of theology of the body, and will draw from Karol Wojtyla's "Love and Responsibility." They will help young people to find what genuine love is, something they are yearning for...

This is what we need! Myself being a novice in the Dominican Order, and hopefully with God's grace will continue to be a priest, will have to play my small part as an ordained minister, but becoming much more important is the day-to-day witness of lay people who live a life with God every day, and life it to the full! That is what it is about, to have the joy of God in every moment of our day! This is a witness we as religious can not really give, as we for a start don't life in the world and don't have certain experiences and because it becomes more and more difficult to actually get in contact with people... it is the genuine witness, the genuine love of God that will shine out through his followers "are the light of the world" (Mt 5:14).

In the meanwhile I pray to the Lord: Let me be a little child Lord! That I may see you glory!
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