Monday, 4 August 2008

Pilgrimage to France

The noviciate is going on Pilgrimage the the South of France and the north of Spain. We are going to visit the birthplace of the Dominican order, and the areas where St. Dominic first started with only a few followers to preach the Gospel.

I am really looking to seeing the first foundations and a deeper sense of St. Dominic's spirituality. As I might have mentioned before, I didn't join the Dominican order because I had a particular devotion to them or to the founder, St. Dominic, but just because that is where I was lead in my vocation. It was only after I decided to join and during this past year that I learned about St. Dominic, and I must say that it has been a real surprise how well the founders spirituality appeals to me.

St Dominic really had a very intimate relationship with the Lord, and was in particular devoted to St. Matthews Gospel which he was said always to carry with him. Through a quite contemplative life in the start, he discovered the need for preaching in the heresy struck South of France. Through a combination of Preaching, Study and Contemplation he lived the pure message of the Gospel with a very simple life style, and in this way was a beautiful witness to the love of Christ. Through night long vigils, followed by action during the day he did in a relative short time a lot of work in the vineyard of the Lord! St. Dominic, please pray for us!


Straight after we will be back we will be a week at Knockadoon Camp, for the Folk Liturgy week, so I am afraid there won't be much posting between know and 24th of August!!

Please keep our journeys in your prayers.


Amawalker said...

As a writer, please may I suggest that you change the spelling of the word in your blog title "Live" to "Life" - I think you mean 'Walking through life with God' and sharing stories of your Life.

Bro. Luuk Jansen said...

Thanks Sil, I am terrible if it comes to spelling and grammar! I am trying to write a more substantial work at the moment, but just because of that reason I am not sure if it will ever see daylight.

Amawalker said...

Hey Kiddo - I doubt that Paul could spell either but that didn't stop him from writing all those loooooong letters! Just get on with it - nothing perfect was ever written!


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