Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The Dominican Vocation

The call to become a Dominican friar comes from God. People seek to serve the Lord in varied ways, but when a person is really passionate about the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and bringing people closer to God by spreading that same Gospel, then the question of serving as a Dominican becomes a real one.

When the Order was founded by Saint Dominic in the early thirteenth century, the Church gave a mandate to the newly established Order to preach and to save souls, and ths has been the concern of the generations of Dominicans since that time.

The Dominican vocation to preach leads members of the Order into many varied ministries. Around the world, the friars are preaching through the pulpit, through the mission and retreat apostolate, through the mass media and the printed word, through the arts, in solidarity with the poor, in parishes, chaplaincies to universities, hospitals and armies.

The Dominicans have been faithful to this call to preaching as well.
The Dominican vocation to save souls leads members of the Order to engage with people beyond formal preaching, at a ministerial level, through the sacraments of the Church. Dominican friars, ordained and non-ordained, are involved in preparing the people of God for the sacraments and are indeed ministers of God, bring His people close to him. The Irish Dominicans fulfil this obligation in diverse ways.

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