Friday, 28 November 2008

Response to these signs

Every year, young and not so young men approach the Dominicans considering the possibility that they might be called to join in our work and mission.

If anybody feels to call to serve the Lord, possibly by the way of Dominic or any other way, it is strongly encouraged to come and see us in action in our daily lives.

This is organised generally by the director of vocations. It is through the experience of living our life of prayer and community that you will begin to understand our way of life. We warmly welcome those who are genuinely interested to share our life.

Each and every Dominican is called to invite people to come and join our way of life. With this in mind, you are encouraged to talk to any of the friars about the possibility of becoming a Dominican. They will in turn put you in contact with the director of vocations. He will be very happy to meet with you and help you with the discernment of your call or vocation.

Ultimately, the responsibility for your response to God’s call depends on you! In return, the Order, through the Vocations Director, will help in whatever way it can.

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St. Dominic Jr. said...

I particularly like the sense of the meaning of ordinary. If i dare say that Jesus himself was an ordinary man doing something extraordinary. (His Father's Will.)

I am extatic even more so about my own vocation since I remember my own mother constantly calling me to do something for her, something she herself was unable to do without my help. So too it is with God. He is forever calling us, sometimes I feel like he shouts 'cuz it's so loud that you just can't ignore it.

What do you do when someone calls you, especially by name: You Answer!It just might mean that you might have something to offer the world regarding the salvation of souls. Don't be selfish and coward, you are worth the call. Remember, its the ordinary things in life that makes the extraordinary difference. You just might be that person.


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