Monday, 2 February 2009

Summa word frequency list for Vocabworks

Update: I now have an iPhone/iPad/iTouch App in the AppStore, which makes it very easy to practice vocabulary. It includes Latin, Greek and Hebrew:  iTunes App Store

Just another quick post for people who are interest in learning Latin, and especially for who are interested in the Summa Theologia of St. Thomas Aquinas.

I found Vocabworks a very good tool for learning vocabulary, and have used it for almost a year to learn the vocabulary of the Greek New Testament and the vocabulary of Wheelocks Latin. I did a quickly analysis of all the words in the Prima Pars of the Summa, and after making a frequency list out of them and decline/congregate them put the roots of the Words into Vocabworks.

However, because I automated the process, it is possible that there are mistakes or unusual interpretations of certain word. Also the values for the frequency of the words are not correct but an relative indication as a result of the simple process I used.

For anybody interested, the vocab list can be downloaded from Rapidshare:

(Updated with a new Vocabulary set, as there were many mistakes in the previous one. One of the brothers was kind enough to correct the whole list and make sure the meaning are corresponding to the meaning in the Summa of St. Thomas Aquinas)

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