Saturday, 18 July 2009

The course is taking its toll!

As I mentioned two weeks ago, I am doing a quite intensive summer course, and it has reached the point that I won't be able to do anything beside focusing on the course... as such I won't have my usual few lines on the Gospel of this Sunday.

It has however been a very interesting three weeks so far. The course itself, but also the dynamic around it. Trying to juggle the contemplative life with making the trips six days a week to the university and working your way though the homework has proven to be a challenge... but a nice on in a way!

The interaction with the other students at the course has also been very interesting, especially when faith matters come up. There has been barely a day there is not some kind of a discussion concerning the faith... and it might be that those conversations do not do a lot to others, they give me a lot of things to bring to by meditations in the evening before I hit the sack!

I have defiantly leaned that prayer cannot be replaced by anything, God is always at the center of our lives if we allow Him. Always being the silent companion, especially in prayer but also through the rest of the day, always helping to just keep up with the pace... it sounds maybe cheesy, but I really feel that what I have been trying to express on this blog to work in my own life... this encounter with Jesus, the encounter which nothing else can compare with, an encounter which in itself is indescribable The touch of the divine which leaves it invisible mark on our soul. The silent consolation, even though we don't notice it (in my case prayer at night after a long day can be experienced as very difficult indeed) The fruits though and the gift is always the yearning in our hearts for Him. The gift of Himself, the gift of the yearn of our hearts to be united with Him...

Well, time to go to bed!

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