Saturday, 11 July 2009

Lord, why do you put my heart on fire...

Lord, why do you put my heart on fire,
giving me the desire to share you Word.
While the blood starts rushing through my veins,
but when expressing you friendship only to makes it stop.

Sitting silently to ponder you Word,
in your presence to listen to the whispers of your voice.
Time is passing by without notice,
as words to describe your love are always falling short.

The light is dimming, another day is over,
again it all seems in vain to try to convey the mystery of your love.
I realise that once more I have been a failure to do you any service,
but all I can do till the end is trust.

It is in the silence of my hart that I seek you presence,
deep down in my soul I know you are there.
Again I ponder you marvelous working, in the depths of your silence,
I will always want to stay with you till the end!

1 comment:

Karinann said...

Bro. Luuk,
This is beautiful.
God Bless!


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