Saturday, 12 September 2009

A busy few days after the retreat...

Well, again a quick post... all of us are just being back from a wonderful retreat! We stayed in the guest house of the Benedictine Monastery "Glenstal" near Limerick for a week of reflection, prayer and quietness. Fr. Vincent Twomey SVD was our retreat master and gave us some excellent input while the weather allowed us to walk around the silent grounds around the abbey to pounder the mysteries of our faith... truly a blessing!

And now, spiritually refreshed, we are ready I suppose to hit the coming academic year! However the next few days are going to be busy first, as br. Matthew Martinez OP is renewing his simple profession tomorrow morning, and br. David Barrins OP is making his solemn profession tomorrow at our 11 o'clock mass.

Then on Monday we all travel to Cork to the reception of the habits, as 13 men start their novitiate and take the habit of the Dominican Order! This will be a truly amazing experience, and I am really looking forward to it. Hopefully I will be able to share some video material towards the end of the week!

And then after staying the night in our retreat house in Cork, we travel to Limerick where the two current novices br. John Leigh and br. Joseph Brady will make their simple profession.

So as things are a bit busy, and I will go to the airport shortly to collect some guests for tomorrow, I will refrain from any reflection, and will just post (an unedited attempt of) one of my thoughts in the last few days:
It seems to me that once my mind and soul settle I experience Gods love, or my love for God maybe more accuratley, like that for my family or for a very close friend.
It is a desire to be with, to be with God, a continual longing for His presence. Then like when meeting my family after a long time, it seems like never been away, nothing needs to be said and all the fuss of looking forward to see them seems far away.
No words are needed anymore, just being (with) is enough, and even when feeling nothing when be with God it is the longing when away which confirms the love.
I am not sure if I ever wrote something similar on this blog already, as it has been a way expressing my relation with God over the last few months. Now I really felt it again strongly, so decided to post it...

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Em the luddite said...

I'm jealous of you for going back to Cork! Please tell the city hello for me; I am feeling homesick for it this week.

I always appreciate your thoughts on longing to be with God... even when there are no particular words to say when you are with him, and even if you don't feel anything in particular in his presence. Your words resonate in my spirit.

Hope you're doing well, old friend!


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