Monday, 30 November 2009

I will make you fishers of men!

This will be my fist weekday reflection of Advent, and I will see if I can keep it up. They will
be brief, possibly a few lines on the Gospel of the day...

Today we hear the calling of Peter and Andrew (on the feast day of St. Andrew), and James and John. Jesus calls Peter and Andrew while they are busy casting their nets. He tells them then will be fishers of men.. immediatly they drop tools, nets on their case, litterly leave everything behind and follow Him. The same happens with James and John.

This is an aspect of the being ready, to follow the Lords call when even we hear Him. It is to be attentive to the sound of His voice...

But there is another aspect of this Reading, which I like, and which ties with my comments yesterday about the time of actively waiting for the Lord.

In this Gospel we get as it where the two important aspects of our Chrisrion lives. The active and in a way the contemplative. While Peter and Andrew are active try to catch fish, James and John are mending the nets.

It is important to realise that both these element are realy important in our lives, and this advent season is a good time to realise this, to be ready, waiting for the glorious coming of our Saviour...

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