Friday, 4 December 2009

Be it done according to you faith

Initially todays Gospel puzzled me a bit. We can picture the scenario, Jesus is leave one place to go to the other, and these two blind man follow Him, crying out to Him "Jesus son of David, have mercy on us". He seems to ignore them, while they stumble on, the blind leading the blind.

So why is this? Why did Jesus not just turn around and heal them, even just to keep them quite? It is probably what I would do...

But again it become clear that that is not what it is about. Jesus did not come to the world to heal to sick, but to bring people back to God. He let the blind men seek after Him, blind as they are. But of course the atory is not about blind men, but about me as I am stumbling being blind to the real plan of God. But He then takes them in, He goes into a house and there they meet Him in private...

So again it is possible to see the line of Advent in the Gospel. It is in private that we meet the Lord foremost of all. Jesus ask them if they think He can do "this" for them, without saying what this it is, and they believe. He touches their eyes and says "let it be according to your faith" and their eyes are opened and they see. Before they were searching in the dark, but now thier eyes are open and they see the true light!

(ps. Fr. John Harris OP pointed out this morning at mass that there were two blind men, and I just wanted to reiterate this point as well. I believe that our relation with God is personal, but that does not mean individual.)

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