Thursday, 3 December 2009

Build on your house on rock

Today's Gospel has two aspects. Jesus warns us that it is not lip service that He is looking for, and in the second part that if we build our lives on Him that we will be like a house build on rock that cannot be shaken.

It is so easy to reduce the relation with God to, in a way, mere lipservice. This does not mean not caring, but it seems to me to not to give our heart to God, and in a way to keep Him out.

Jesus tells us that it is not just saying Lord, Lord that will get is in Heaven. Nearby He even says that preaching in His name and casting out Demons is not what matters. It is a change of heart, to listen to the Word and let it touch us. It the slow effect contemplation, the listening to the and keeping the Word (in our hearts) that will make the difference and will result in doing the will of His Father in Heaven, as slowly we conform more and more to the image we are created in.

Especially during advent it might be possible to take the efford to try and make this listening a good habit. For example by attending daily mass, or taking 15 or 30 minutes in silence and ponder the Gospel of the day.

Spending time with God will slowly build a house with it's foundations on rock. It will slowly give an inner certainty, a groundedness or fullfilment that nothing else can give. Rain falls, rivers rise and winds blow, but the house of payer is founded on rock and will not move...

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