Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Happy the man who does not lose faith

The Gospel today in taken from Luke, where we read that John the Baptist hears the report of the wonders Jesus works. However, John being in prison, summons two of his deciples and asks them to go up to Jesus and ask him if He is the one who was expected.

The deciples arrive at the place where Jesus is while He is working miracles and ask Him the question. Jesus however, so it seems to me, does not answer. John already heard the reports of the wonders of Jesus His works before he sent the two disciples. Now Jesus is bassically saying that what is given is enough...

The final point in the passage is, and I guess that that is the important message, that Jesus says "happy is he who does not lose faith in me".

The signs are given, and John the Baptist was very sure when he initially pointed out Jesus. But now he is in prison, on account of proclaiming the Good News he starts to doubt.

But I think this is encouraging, as it connects in some way with us all I think. We all go through periods which are more difficult, like John in prison. But we should take courage and keep our eyes on what really matters. The Lord is not further away, "the signs are still the same". God has not abondoned us, but sometimes is just not maybe doing exactly what we expect or want Him to do.

But "happy is he who does not lose faith in me" is what Jesus tells us. The Greek word suggest that it is not just loosing faith, but that by doing so one is lead into somekind of sin. I guess I take from it that when we lose faith we lose our closeness to Jesus to support us.

There it is important to trust, so that these moments can be a time of grace and a time of deepening our relation with God, instead of losing it. A deepening to which we are all called.

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Em the luddite said...

I've always found this story to be quite comforting... Jesus does not seem to chide John's doubts, and there seems to be a sense in which he acknowledges John's great faith in the midst of his doubt (the whole "among those born of woman no one is greater than John the Baptist" thing).


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