Tuesday, 15 December 2009

I go Lord

Today, my title is a bit different as it revers to the second son. The father Is asking his two sons to go and work in the vineyard. The first one answers that he will not go, but thinks of it better and goes nevertheless. However the second son on the same question says he will go but does not. Jesus is asking which of the two is doing the will of the father

An interesting detail is, I think, the response of the second son. He doesn't say something like "sorry dad" but straight away says "yes lord" instead. This indicated to me that there is a very impersonal relation between the two...

And this off course is the theme that I try to run through all my (Advent) reflections. It is not the outward response that is the most important, but the inward conversion of heart.

The fist son initially says no, but then possibly his conscience/heart tells him that he should listen the directions of his father, in contrast to the second son.

So once more our Lord is calling us to an internal
conversion, to a real change of heart...

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