Thursday, 10 December 2009

The Kingdom of Heaven

"Nobody born of woman is greater than John the Baptist; but the smallest in the Kingdom of Heaven is greater than him" (Mt 11:11). Jesus is telling us about John, about the "voice crying in the wilderness". John is preparing the way and is a true servant of God, and indeed Jesus says he is Ellijha, who was to come.

There were two things that stood out to me in the reading this morning. The first is how Jesus says that the kingdom of heaven is under attack, that it is taken by force. I am not sure exactly to take this, I assume the kingdom on heaven as it is already in the forming here on earth, but it is clear that it is not the way it well eventually be.

It shows however a bit of the drama, as Jesus is saying that all is leading up to this point, all the prophecies and indeed the fact that Elijha has arrived. And taken it is this sense I guess it might coresponse with how we experience the world. But now the moment of Grace arrived, it is now that our Lord is speaking to is! And I think we should take this litteraly, the now in our own time, the now of me sitting here or you reading these few words.

Then the second thing is the promomise of what really matters. The call is to prepare the way for the Lord so He can enter into our lives. Jesus tells us about the greatness of Heaven in our terms. John is the greatest born of woman, but once we contemplate our calling of being in Heaven it is clear that it does not compare to even the greatest thing here. Even the smallest in Heaven is greater. We are are called to something we cannot imagine, but we can trust it is greater then the greatest we can think of.

The call during Advent is the voice calling in the wilderness to prepare our hearts, to go into the wilderness to repent of our sins and make straight the path for the Lord... and He will lead us to happyness in this life and in the life to come, a happiness we cannot even start to imagine...

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