Tuesday, 22 December 2009

My soul glorified the Lord

Well, these are the last days before Christmas, and time to catch up on some unfinished business, as well as starting to do a bit of exam preparation. Henceforth my reflections are not as regular as in the last weeks. We have our holiday timetable now, which means morning prayer an hour later. It is great however to have the chance to sleep that small bit longer in the morning, and to try and catch up a bit on all kinds of things.

Today the Gospel is the Magnificat. The line that jumped out at me was "My soul glorifies the Lord". I think it is a good phrase to keep in mind in the next few days, and to see if our soul is really glorifying the Lord.

Personally I always find the last days before Christmas the hardest to actually prepare for Christmas. There is all sorts of small duties and social events in these last days which can very easy take over the whole day. However it is important to keep ones eyes fixed on Christ and to keep preparing for His coming. The Magnificat is a beautiful prayer to slowly read through, and to try and meditate upon, even when our minds are occupied with the preparations for the days to come....

Let us not lose sight of the real importance of Christmas....

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