Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Seeking Jesus Himself

Today we hear that Jesus goes into the mountains, into the wilderness, and a great crowed follows Him, having with them all kinds of sick and disabled people.

He then cures them, the lame walk, the blind see and the dumb speak, and the people praise the God of Israel for working such wonders!

We might say that that sounds great, and everybody is happy, but here our Advent reflection comes in. The question is, is this all God has to offer? Is this the extend to which God can enhance our lives, to heal the things that are broken? Sure, He can do that, but is there more?

The anwser is clearly yes! Jesus calls His disciples and says to them that He pitties the crowd. They are waiting there already for three days in the wilderness and have not found what they are really looking for...

And then Jesus performs the miracle about the multiplication of the loafes and the fish... which has a clear resemblance with the Eucharist, in which He gives Himself...

Jesus offers Himself, and Advent is a time a waiting and seeking Him. He knocks on the door, but will we open?

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