Thursday, 17 December 2009

The star becomes breighter

It is now the 17th of December, and we are entering the last week in the run-up to Christmas. So far the Gospel readings in Advent have been focused mainly on the call to conversion, a call to the openness to this voice in the wilderness, of the voice of God in our lives.

Naturally John the Baptist came up regular in these readings, as he was exactly this voice crying in the wilderness who prepared the way of the Lord in the time Jesus physically walked on this earth.

But from today there will be a slight shift as we are more activily contemplating the birth of Jesus, something we start today with geanology.

So I guess so our reflection from today onwards might move ever so slightly to the even of Jesus His birth, and what it means to me. Also, His mother Mary, we will read the visitation account of Sunday, can be a great help to us in this final preparation. We can go to her, and she will show us the way to son.

I hope I get a change flto prepare reflections for the weekend, as most of the brothers in the studium will be in Newbridge College for the annual Youth 2000 Christmas retreat... but if I don't then I do appology...

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