Monday, 14 December 2009

Who's authority

This month it is my duty to open the church on Monday mornings and to prepare everything for mass etc. So the reflection once more will be short...

Today the issue of authority comes up. The people in charge of the temple worship come up to Jesus asking in who's authority he is teaching. I am not sure what they mean exactly, for example who gave Him permission to teach in the tempel even though I think that was quite open to anybody, or more on a supernatural level. It must have been quite clear that there was some power behind all the works Jesus did to support His claims and teachings.

But I think maybe just reflecting on the question itself. Where are the leaders concerned with. Is it for the people, I guess the sheep that are in their flock or do they feel their own position of almost absolute authority is threatened. They defianatly seem afraid of the crowds...

And so for ourselves could we reflect what in so many cases are our motivations. Are we willing to submit to Jesus and accept Him as our saviour or do we dig our heals in as we don't want to go where He leads us, preceding our own authority over His...

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