Friday, 22 January 2010

This is fullfilled today

I do my usual thing this week, making excuses! All exams are over, and there is a free week now until the start of next term. I am allowed to visit our brothers in Cork this weekend, so am on the training my way as I write this.

However, as I don't have a laptop with me, and writing a reflection will be a bit difficult.

However, I read the Gospel this morning and reflected a bit on it. Luke introduces his Gospel, and tells us he want to give us a clear account of all the things that have happened. The we move to the first chapter and hear about Jesus who is very succesfully preaching in Galilee.

He arrives back in His hometown, and as ussual he goes to the synagoge. He gets to read the scripture passage of Isiah. After the reading He says "what you just heard is fullfilled as you listen".

Gods kingdom has come, and indeed maybe overtaken you. This passage of scripture is also fullfilled for us today. God has visited His people and is with us here and with us now.

Last week I tried to express the importance of my own relation with God, and how it changes my life. This is a reality, it is happening today, it is happening now.

However it is maybe not as clear as we might whish. Jesus seems more often the insignificant baby in the crib than almighty God, but that does not make it less real.

The eyes of the people were fixed on Him, they were full of expectation. But if we read on, we see that Jesus does not say the right words and straight away He is rejected.

But it is happening, He is here, even if His message is not what we exoect, or like or if His voice is jot as clear as we want As I tried to express last week, maybe we have to look deep to nitice His presence and is it not as sensual ans obvious as we want, but it is happening, if only we would be able to recognise Gods presence with and within us.

Anyway, the train doesn't seem to be the most reflective location to write... so I leave it at this!

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Em the luddite said...

I must admit I'm holding back some jealousy for you going to Cork. Will you be able to take time to catch up with our mutual Greekie friend? I just wrote about him (under a pseudonym) in my blog...


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