Sunday, 31 October 2010

Zacchaeus, come down ... for I must stay at your house!

This week was our mid-term break... a week I was really looking forward in order to be able to catch up on a bit on college work... Now the week is over I am still looking forward to to do this, while slowly realising that the week is over and it is time to go back to college again tomorrow!

However, a lot of things happened during the week, which just took a bit more time than anticipated. There has been quite a bit of background work done on the Dominicans Interactive front. Apart from recording and editing the video discussion I just posted on this blog there has been a forum added to the website in which people can ask us questions which we will try and answer with a video response (and we would like to experiment with some people somebody leave a video message with a question (e.g. on our Facebook Page) so we can embed it in the response).

We also integrated the website more with our Facebook Page and added a Twitter account. There are all sort of other interesting idea's brewing, so I would say that is is defiantly worth keeping an eye on the website, and maybe provide some feedback and idea's through the forum or contact page!

Anyway, all that distracted me somewhat from the studies, and obviously from reflecting on the Gospel of today. I feel a bit like Zacchaeus at the moment. With the madness of running around, it seems to me that Jesus got lost in the crowd (from my point of view). The crowd in this case are not people, but the crowd are all the little projects that are crowding God out of my life.

As with the Israelites in the Exodus, it can sometimes look that we are chased around. But that is often the time when God calls us to a stop, to halt and recollect ourselves (cf. Ex14:13). Realizing that there is nothing wrong as long as we keep the Lord at the center, not to fear but to listen to Him "to go forward". (Exo 14:15 RSV)

So for me, this week I will ty and come down from my own little world of business and receive Jesus joyfully: "[Zacchaeus] made haste and came down, and received him joyfully"  (Luk 19:6 RSV) The Lord is waiting, he beckons, and there is nothing stopping us to accept His invitation...

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Barb Schoeneberger said...

Sometimes we just need to climb that tree and get away from the crowd - perspective. Sort of like going up on the mountain to meet God as Moses did. Getting above the fray.

Thanks for these reflections.

Joann said...

You have the right idea, when you say "come down from my own little world of business and receive Jesus joyfully." This stops Jesus in His tracks, so to speak, for in the gospel story Jesus was just passing through Jericho, no plans to stay the night, but Zacchaeus, opened His heart and for Jesus, it is now imperative that He stay at his house. "Zacchaeus, come down..for I MUST stay at your house!"
"House" is often a code word for "soul" or "heart", as when the beloved disciple took Mary "to his own home". So,enjoy hour house guest!


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