Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Follow me!

Today is the feast of St. Andrew. The Gospel is taken from Matthew 5:17-22. This is the story of the calling of the fisher men to become fishers of men. First Peter and Andrew are called and then James and John.

It is an amazing inspiring story. Jesus calls them and ask them to 'come behind' him. To follow him and to trust him. He picks them out of the crowd, and chooses them specifically for a task.

Yesterday I mentioned that I will try a d focus on the reality of Jesus in our lives, the fact that it is true that he is close to us, and personally close to you and to me.

Some might have had an encounter like Peter and James, in which it seemed very clear what Jesus is asking, others have not. But this is not the important thing, as the important thing is to stay close to him!

All the Apostles ran away when Good Friday came, and it helps us to understand that following Jesus is not as easy as it might seem reading this passage. However it gives encouragement when reflecting on this, and to learn that how we experience our faith is not new from two millennia ago. It was not harder or easier in that sense, like now, it just was... And Jesus will always support us on our journey! Stay close behind him!

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